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Upscale Condominium Water Loss

Upscale Condominium Water Loss
On June 28, 2010 a toilet supply line broke in condominium unit located on the second floor causing very serious damage to the master association property as well as the unit owner property located on the ground level unit and his personal belongings. The unit owner, a world renown business leader who was Knighted in 1989 by Queen Elizabeth II, decided to retain the services of a professional public adjuster as he resides in Nova Scotia, Canada and could not be available for the many damage inspections necessary to properly adjust the claim.

Based upon the recommendation of a realtor, the owner decided to hire public adjuster Rick Tutwiler to assist him with his claim. 

During Mr. Tutwiler’s initial inspection of the damages, it became very apparent that the large body of water was still trapped under the floor tiles and noted that the removal of the tile flooring would be necessary to effectively dry-out the unit in its entirety. The insurance company adjuster, who was uncooperative from the very beginning, did not agree with this method even after having been provided with a detailed inspection report specifically outlining the moisture testing results relating to the water trapped under the tiles. Other damages included water damage to the personal property, clothing, bedding items, appliances, kitchen cabinets and baseboards. 

Even though the damages were very apparent seemingly easy to adjust, the insurance company adjuster’s continued lack of cooperation and inability to properly adjust the claim resulted in him taking over fifty days to provide his initial damage estimate and cost of repair. Finally, after excessive delay, the carrier tendered payment for the undisputed amount of damages and for the emergency service invoice, which the owner paid out of pocket in his attempts to mitigate his losses. Furthermore, due to the fact that the delay was so severe, further damages ensued as the condition of the unit rapidly deteriorated and the extent of the damages became progressively worse. 

At that time it was very clear that the insurance company adjuster was not willing to settle the claim and as a last resort, the owner thought it was time to proceed in a different forum and decided to move forward with the appraisal process in an attempt to bring the matter to a prompt resolution. 

Mr. Tutwiler, working in conjunction with the insurance carrier’s appointed appraiser was able to negotiate full policy limits for the dwelling damages and ultimately resolved the personal property damages much to the satisfaction of the insured.

*Attached Letter of Recommendation

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