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Condominium Water Damage

Condominium Water Damage

On March 28, 2010 a category 3 black water loss also containing raw sewage backed up through the kitchen sink in this upscale condominium unit located on the 3rd floor of the 22-story Monte Carlo Tower building.  The overflow, which carried various contaminates from the units located 20 floors above, caused direct physical damage to the custom kitchen cabinetry, granite countertops, drywall, wood floors, sub-floor, baseboards, doors and door frames, appliances, electrical components, clothing and personal property, various furniture items, expensive oriental rugs and draperies.

Upon discovery of their loss, the owners did everything to mitigate their damages and work with their insurance company adjuster to prove their claim.  Instead their insurance company brought in their own “expert contractor” who in turn submitted a minimal damage repair estimate. 

The homeowner, very reluctant to go with the insurance company contractor, went and got his own repair bids.  They quickly realized they would have never been able to find a reputable contractor to complete any damage repairs given the minimal amount of compensation the insurance company extended them for the damages. 

Upon the recommendation of an area attorney, public adjuster Rick Tutwiler was called in to assist with the insurance claim.  Upon review of the insurance carrier’s offer, Mr. Tutwiler quickly realized that there were many other damages not accounted for in the insurance company’s damage repair estimate. 

Mr. Tutwiler, noting the unlivable condition of the residence, pushed the insurance company to agree to allow the owners to move out into another residence until the claim was resolved and the repairs had been completed.  The company agreed. 

Mr. Tutwiler also recommended an air quality/environmental test be conducted.  The carrier agreed.  The carrier also agreed to pay for the many personal property items, which were damaged as a result of the category 3 black water, which included many cookware items, oriental rugs, and furniture items.

In conclusion, Mr. Tutwiler, through the appraisal process was able to secure a settlement in excess of 78% above the insurance company’s original offer. 

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