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Tampa Public Adjuster Helps Save Christmas After Disastrous Fire Loss

Tampa Public Adjuster Helps Save Christmas After Disastrous Fire Loss

On November 29, 2013 a fire broke-out at this 2 story home located in Tampa, FL causing significant fire, water, and smoke damage to the structure and families personal belongings.  Immediately after the fire, many different types of vendors offering their services approached the property owner.  They included various Emergency Service Contractors and local Public Adjuster “chasers.”  At this most vulnerable time, the owners keenly recognized that it was in their best interest to stay away from the majority of these people simply because they did not know who they were and seemed like opportunists.  They knew not to sign contracts with any firm until they had a chance to think about it and check references. 

The homeowners also showed their business savvy.  They tried working with their insurance company, but after a week they experienced lack of communication and were confused.  The insurance company offered to advance $3,500.00 even though the homeowner had documented expenses and receipts in excess of $25,000.00 for emergency expenses alone.  They wanted help and professional guidance and turned to public adjuster Mr. Rick Tutwiler, P.C.L.S. of Tutwiler & Associates, Inc. to handle their insurance claim.


Mr. Tutwiler quickly informed the insurance company of his representation and requested an Advance Payment in the amount of $100,000.  “This was money the insurance company was going to pay these people at some point so why not now,” Tutwiler said.  The insurance company declined and the news spread like wildfire.  Shortly thereafter, a local news channel heard about the situation and decided to air the story; Single Mom Says Insurance Company Slow to Help. The insurance company took note and significant payments were made.

In all, Mr. Tutwiler was successfully able to negotiate full policy limits for all coverage under the homeowners insurance policy totaling $288,192.  The settlement allowed the family to get their life back together before the holidays. Christmas might have not been the same this year but next year will be much better.



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