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If you ever suffer a property or casualty loss that you feel is or should be covered by your existing insurance, or have difficulty getting the insurance company's claims adjuster to pay everything to which you believe you're entitled, or don't know whether your direct and indirect losses may be covered by insurance, please contact me immediately for a no-obligation referral to what I believe is the absolute best public insurance adjuster in Florida. 

For those of you who don't know about public adjusters, here's the short version of who they are and what they do: like "regular" insurance adjusters, they have special educational requirements and training, and are regulated and licensed by the state of Florida. However, unlike "regular" insurance adjusters, they may only represent the interests of an insured (the "customer" of the insurance company, like you), and are prohibited from representing an insurance company. I truly believe that your use of a public adjuster is the only way you can assure that your claim gets negotiated and settled on a level playing field.  

Public adjusters represent an insured for a percentage of the amount recovered from the carrier. Based on my personal experience with public adjusters (which spans more than a decade and involves many different kinds of claims), their fee usually turns out to be only a fraction of the additional money they recover for the insured. Franky, I can't imagine a situation involving a significant loss where an insured is likely to end up recovering more money by handling and settling his claim himself (even with his own attorney's assistance) than by utilizing the services of a public adjuster (net to the insured, after deducting all fees and costs.) 

By the way, in case you're wondering (as would I,) the answer is, "No, I won't get a referral fee or any other compensation, either directly or indirectly, for the referral." While there's no doubt that I wish I would (or could), it's both unethical and prohibited by law, so that's that.  The reason I make these referrals is because I truly believe that putting a friend or client who has suffered a serious property or casualty loss in touch with my own public adjuster (yes, he has handled my personal insurance claims, and with great success, thank God) is probably the best thing I can do for anyone who finds himself in that unfortunate situation. 'Nuf said.


Stephen A. Scott, Gainesville, FL Attorney
October 29, 2013 15:04
Public AdjusterRick Tutwiler
Author: Stephen Scott
Rating: 5
Posted in: Commercial Property Insurance Claim Clients, Residential Property Insurance Claim Clients

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