Frequently Asked Questions about Attorneys and CPA's

FAQs About Attorneys and CPA's

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Individuals and business owners all seem to focus on the policy limits in their insurance policy. Once they hit that number they stop the accounting and documentation process. A loss needs to be fully documented. Presented to a CPA in a professional manner, it may have some tax benefits in the form of an uninsured casualty tax deduction.  

Good sound advice from an attorney who is familiar with your business can be extremely important. Not only will you have issues regarding the your future business operations, but there are likely many legal issues involved with contract you have with customers, suppliers, and others who depend on your business for their livelihood. 
Yes, in fact in large complex cases we feel a team approach can benefit our mutual client. Often times the insurance company will have retained legal council either in the background or on the record. To even the playing field you should have your team made up of a professional public adjuster and your legal council.