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It depends; the answer may be determined based on where you are located and if this issue has been litigated favorably to allow this loss to be covered. The general trend is not good for this loss to be covered if there is no direct physical damage to the hotel rooms and only to the restaurant.     
Without physical damage to the structure your insurance company will not pay you. You have a loss of market issue and unless you buy this coverage you will not likely get coverage. 
Only if you have dependable property coverage. This is special coverage you buy to protect your lost income from properties that are damaged that you do not own or control but are dependent on for your business. 
Without question a resort in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Heavily damaged by a late October hurricane that went from west to east, which is the opposite track most hurricanes takes. Part of my clients resort is on French soil and part is on the Dutch side. St Maarten is a rare Island in that two countries share the same island. The insurance policy for the hotel which was on the French side was written in French. We had Dutch adjusters who flew over to handle both losses. We had a lot of issues as this loss involved damages to the hotel, a very large marina, a restaurant and retail shops, plus extensive landscape damage which was covered in the policy. The loss was settled in total to my client’s satisfaction.