Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Facilities

FAQs About Medical Facilities

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You have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company during the claim process. Your insurance company also has a duty to provide you with service and pay for your loss. With medical facilities, determining the extent of damage to this type of equipment is best left to the professionals.  Wiping down or cleaning may be a waste of your policy limits. Instead insists that a joint inspection (with your professional public adjuster and in some cases the medical equipment distributor) and plan be developed to allow the experts to examine and determine the necessary and correct repairs. 
Quick action is needed to construct a plan to find and set up at another location. Some policies have practice interruption as well as an extra expense provision. One case of memory we handled involved a very large medical practice with a lot of doctors seeing patients at a building that was very heavily damaged by fire. Quick action on our part resulted in finding another building, securing medical equipment through a lease with an option to buy and cleaning thousands of files covered by smoke. While the cost was significant, the bottom line was the insurance company paid all costs (not without a fight) under the extra expense provision. By acting quickly, there was no claim for loss of income for any of the doctors or laid off staff. 
It is important that people in this business have adequate and correct insurance coverage to pay for this type of situation. One of the nursing homes/ assisted living facilities damaged in Hurricane Charley had to move and pay the expenses to house their patients in an upscale hotel. This includes paying the cost of all outside meals. This went on for over a year while repairs were being made.