Frequently Asked Questions about State and Local Government

FAQs About State and Local Government

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Our experience is that it you should retain a professional public adjuster as soon as possible after a loss. It is much easier to get the issues going in the right direction on the front end rather than trying to turn things around later once the parties have been entrenched in positions of disagreement.    

Our experience is that most large loss adjusters on the insurance company side would rather deal with a professional public adjuster who speaks and understands the insurance language, knows the procedures and the practices that are involved in adjusting a large loss. When both parties are able to communicate, the process works, which results in a mutual advantageous outcome for both parties. 
We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and go over your claim file details. We have always offered a no cost or obligation review of a loss and we pledge to give you a straight and honest opinion of our view of your ability to pursue additional items you feel may not have been considered by your insurer.
Yes we have always made ourselves available to provide our knowledge and information to those seeking direction and guidance on insurance adjusting issues.