Frequently Asked Questions about Risk Management Assistance

FAQs About Risk Management Assistance

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Experience and training! It is not likely you will find the history and training that Tutwiler& Associates has to offer risk managers. Our sole business is focused on loss adjusting.
Yes, we offer a service to look at your policy in conjunction with your geographic location and give you our view on issues you should discuss with your insurance advisor.
Yes, having been involved in a wide variety of losses, we understand issues the adjusters hired by the insurance company typically will bring up, post-loss.
Absolutely, we have been involved in losses where the insured wants their risk manager on the ground and involved in the daily adjusting issues. Working as a team helps us identify coverage issues that may arise in the course of the adjusting process. For example: the question of the intent of the risk manager and the underwriter regarding a coverage issue can be resolved in an amicable and timely manner when the risk manger is engaged in the adjusting process .