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Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims Help

If you have experienced property damage from Hurricane Michael please accept our sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Our firm has helped thousands of people recover since 1984 and our professional loss adjusters have worked in every major hurricane since.  Historically, we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of people suffer even more damage even after the hurricane has passed.  Specifically, we often find that policyholders become quickly confused making them extremely vulnerable not only to themselves, but to many other bad actors who are looking to profit off of the misfortune.  We often learn about all the bad decisions that were made right after folks have suffered through the event.  In order to properly navigate the insurance claims process and encounter difficulty determining if they are being properly compensated for their loss as insurance contract language can be technical and difficult to interpret. This is where a public insurance adjuster can help by helping you value and file your claim so you get a fair settlement.  

Since 1984, our firm's licensed professional public insurance adjusters have represented thousands of commercial and residential property owners such as condominium associations, hotels and resorts, shopping centers, businesses, schools, churches, government municipalities, cities and many others with their property damage claims by providing detailed claim analysis that is necessary to secure a fair and equitable settlment of the claim.   

Don’t wait to get a low ball offer or for your Florida Hurricane Michael insurance claim to be denied. Relying on the insurance company to keep your best interest in mind may not always be the best option. Getting a public insurance adjuster involved early in your claim can help you spend time on getting your life back together while an expert manages your claim.

Regardless of whether your loss is large or small we perform these services exclusively for you:

  • Analyze your insurance policy to ensure maximum claim coverage.
  • Inspect the property damage and estimate all losses with our computerized system.
  • Notify the insurance company of your loss and submit accurate documentation of the loss.
  • Coordinate appointments with insurance company staff and provide them with preliminary estimates for building and contents damage and loss of business accounting figures.
  • Negotiate with insurance company for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • Prepare all documents in order to obtain payment.

Since 1984, the licensed public adjusters at Tutwiler & Associates have worked exclusively on behalf of policyholders to properly value the loss, take over the stressful process of managing the claim and negotiating a fair settlement while you focus on getting your business and family back together. Statistics show that policyholders who hire their own private claims adjuster receive more for their claim than those who go it alone. If you need assistance or advice, our insurance claim adjusters are available for a free no obligation review of your loss. Our Florida based public adjusting firm has licensed adjusters that may be able to assist.  Call 800-321-4488 or contact us.

Residential Claim

I am writing to let you know I appreciate the hard work that has gone into my case. It's been a long journey. Rick and Kevin have been compassionate and understanding during this emotional and stressful time. I thank you for that.

Doug Spurling

I'm impressed. For the first time, in about two decades of working with public adjusters, I’m impressed. God bless you sir, all of you at Tutwiler & Associates. - Doug Spurling, Claims Adjuster

Liza Pettingill

We felt very confident with Ray assisting us with our claim. We are thankful we had them advocating for us.

Melissa Granatire

Tutwiler & Associates was one of the best contacts my family has made in a while! They were very professional and detailed in their work, while keeping us updated every step of the way. I strongly suggest calling if you have any insurance related issues.

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