FEMA Extends Super storm Sandy Proof of Loss Requirement for Flood Victims

FEMA (National Flood Insurance Program) Conditional and Partial Waiver of the Proof of Loss Requirement – Meteorological Event Sandy for the 18 States effected.

As background, FEMA through the National Flood Insurance Program has a requirement in its flood policies that requires the policyholder to file a proof of loss form with supporting documentation of their damages for building and personal property within 60 days of the loss. This has always been an extremely challenging deadline--but a mandatory one and fatal to a policyholders claim if not met.

FEMA, as in the past for other large Cat (catastrophic) events, has now issued a waiver for Super Storm Sandy. Based on our experience with many other Cat events, this waiver was expected due to the large geographic area and extreme wide spread damages. It also will aid in the very difficult challenges policyholders are facing to scope their losses, document building and personal property losses, and realistically price all of the items given market conditions with the demand surge in pricing and the expected shortage of some building items and skilled trade people. While not a panacea, this waiver will help struggling businesses and homeowners and their representatives come to grips with their flood claims as a result of saltwater and other toxic materials set loose in Sandy’s fury.   

We are pleased to provide the official Memorandum issued by FEMA dated November 9, 2012 regarding the 60-day requirement to file a proof of loss and most importantly granting a 1 year extension to file for a supplement claim should the policyholder disagree with the initial adjustment offer.  Please read this memorandum in its entirety as it is very specific to claim filing appeal timelines, as well as coverage dispute matters. Read memorandum

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