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Nashville Tornado Insurance Claim Public Adjusters

Nashville Tornado Insurance Claims Help

Tutwiler & Associates Public Adjusters Nashville office has been established to service the property insurance claim needs of residents and businesses impacted by the recent tornadoes and help them receive a fair settlement based on their insurance contract. Our public adjusters are hired by you, the policyholder, to help navigate the claims process and address the many settlement issues that will surely arise as residents attempt to repair their damaged property and acheive a fair claim settlement. We know from past storms that insurance companies will sometimes pay out as little as possible to minimize their losses. This often means that policyholders receive less compensation than they are rightfully owed. Since 1984, the licensed public adjusters at Tutwiler & Associates have worked exclusively on behalf of the policyholder to properly value your loss, take over the stressful process of managing your claim and negotiating a fair settlement while you focus on getting your business and family back together. Statistics show that policyholders who hire their own adjuster receive more for their claim than those who go it alone.

When you hire us to represent your claim, we perform these services exclusively for you:

  • Analyze your insurance policy to ensure maximum claim coverage.
  • Inspect the property damage and estimate all losses with our computerized system.
  • Notify the insurance company of your loss and submit accurate documentation of the loss.
  • Coordinate appointments with insurance company staff and provide them with preliminary estimates for building and contents damage and loss of business accounting figures.
  • Negotiate with insurance company for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • Prepare all documents in order to obtain final payment.

If you need assistance or advice, our Nashville area insurance claim adjusters are available for a free no obligation review of your loss. Call 615-686-2858 or contact us.

Leonard C

"Mike Stabile’s professionalism, integrity, technical expertise, customer service, and compassion are beyond reproach. Mike turned a travesty into a blessing that I will be eternally grateful for. At one point during my Hurricane Michael nightmare a friend referred me to an attorney specializing in battling insurance claims. When I told him that Mike Stabile from Tutwiler was handling my claim he assured me I was in good hands. He stated “if I’m ever a hurricane victim Mike Stabile is the first person I will call”. From that point on, I sat back and let Mike run the show. Using thermal imaging and moisture mapping Mike was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that substantial hidden water damage existed behind the walls and into the subfloor. Mike was able to get over 6 times more than what the insurance company initially offered as “Final” payment. The result was a full policy payout and he even got the $5,000 deductible waived. The process took 6 months but only due to the Insurance company’s lack of cooperation and stall tactics but it was well worth it."

Buddy B

I used Rick and his staff on our home in Mexico Beach. It was the best money I have spent in a long time. We received our check from the insurance company in just a few weeks after Hurricane Michael and for full policy value. I cannot speak highly enough for this firm. Outstanding customer service!

Pete R

Rick: Maryna and I both appreciate your successes pertaining to our claim for Hurricane Michael. We realize there’s still more to do before closing the claim, but the bulk of the work has been completed as reflected by your tenacity and sound strategy. Hoisting a few beers is till in the table. My treat.

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