One reason we created the insurance claim resource section was because we believe an educated policyholder will make much better decisions and fair better regarding their insurance settlement. Be sure to read the FAQ's that relate to your particular situation. If you don't see an answer send us a question. The answer we provide will probably help others in the same situation. And if you don't understand a particular insurance term, our glossary has helped many people gain a basic understanding of the insurance claims jargon. We also provide access to past newsletters and have a section devoted to articles and presentation we have been featured in. 

Articles and PresentationsArticles and Presentations

Articles and Presentations

Read articles on property insurance claim issues presented by our public adjusters.


Tips and advice on how to properly file and protect your property insurance claim and get a fair settlement. Ask a public adjuster about your claim.
Glossary of Insurance TermsGlossary of Insurance Terms

Glossary of Insurance Terms

Property insurance claims terms explained and dictionary.
Newsletter ArchivesNewsletter Archives

Newsletter Archives

Our public adjuster newsletter offers property insurance claim tips, case studies and commentary regarding the latest developments in insurance claims.
Useful Insurance Claim SitesUseful Insurance Claim Sites

Useful Insurance Claim Sites

Find useful information on insurance claim adjusting services, filing a property insurance claim and recovering from property damage hurricanes, floods, fires and tornadoes.
Video GalleryVideo Gallery

Video Gallery

See video covering public adjuster activity to assist homeowners with their property insurance claim.