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Adjuster Education - Winning, that’s what it’s all about. Right?

Adjuster Education - Winning, that’s what it’s all about. Right?

An article in the 2015 autumn edition of the Marshall University Magazine (my alma mater) resonated with me in the context of insurance losses. In theory there should not be any winners or losers when it comes to paying for an insured policyholder’s claim. The insurance company is supposed to indemnify their insured or make them whole, as in putting them back in the place they were before the loss.

But to read and listen to the various media and internet outlets, there seems to be a big disconnect with this proposition. Take for example the news out of the Florida Chamber of Commerce Insurance Summit meeting in Orlando last week. The assignment of benefit (AOB) conflict keeps making center stage and is a high priority for their legislative agenda this year. Then we have Citizens Insurance Company chief Barry Gilmore writing articles and giving interviews about the South Florida explosion in water damage losses, which no other conclusions could be made other than all those South Florida claims are rife with fraud.

So what’s going on here?  Well, in my view with little to no storms to generate losses and thus profits, folks seemingly are pushing the envelope to drive up claim costs, particularly water losses, which according to the pundits are mostly tied to the assignment of benefit controversy. Yes, it’s about profits, which is another way for some folks to measure their winnings. But please do not get me wrong, I like to win and I need to have a profitable business to pay the bills and provide a living for those who work at our firm. But I think I speak for all the staff at Tutwiler & Associates Public Adjusters when I say that, providing excellent post loss claim service, which will ensure our client’s finical recovery, is a win for us.

But remember the winning thing, here is the quote from Marshall University current basketball coach Dan D’Antoni that in my view is worth considering. When interviewed for the Marshall Magazine, Mr. D’Antoni was asked about his philosophy of coaching and competing in the NBA with his brother Mike D’Antoni. Both D’Antoni brothers were basketball legends at Marshall and both went on to careers in the NBA. Maybe it had something to do with what Dan said his mother told him.  “Mom used to say, winning has a price and there are some prices you don’t pay to win, such as cheating and ruining relationships in order to win,” he commented.

In closing, I recall a Windstorm Insurance Network Inc. conference a few years back where I served on a panel dealing with the topic of post loss insurance appraisals and selecting panel members in this resolution dispute forum. As I recall, a question was posed along the lines of what qualities one should look for in the insurance umpire candidate position. Various opinions were offered by the panel but one stood out saying with a chuckle that he did not care, he just wanted to win. Let me know what you think. 

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