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Property Insurance Claim Settlements - The Devil is in the Details

Property Insurance Claim Settlements - The Devil is in the Details
While most folks are enjoying the spring weather and looking forward to summer vacations with outdoor time with the family, others are still working through the insurance claim adjustment process dealing with adjusters and contractors.  Yes, as hard as it may seem, a lot of folks are still struggling with losses over the last twelve months from winter storms in the Northeast, hail and tornados in the Southwest, and Caribbean wind losses from Hurricane Gonzalo.  It’s been a busy season for Public  Adjusters and with their help, many folks are just now entering into settlement discussions with their insurance companies. So now is the time to pay attention to the details in your insurance policy.  The news media seems to move on from storm to storm with little information offered or shared about the vital information you need to know about your property policy and its terms and conditions.Read More

Winter Storm Claim Activities Confirms Study that Shows a 50% Chance Your Property Insurance Company Will Fight You

Over the past few months, we have been helping businesses and homeowners try to settle their insurance claims from the extreme Winter Storm damage that has impacted enough property owners in Massachusetts and throughout the Northeast & New England area that this storm rivals the damage done by other major storms we have worked.  As we’ve seen with past major storms with widespread damage, it is very apparent that the insurance company’s are overwhelmed and they are desperately looking for assistance to service all their policyholders who have made claims for their property damage.  Similar to hurricanes, the carriers have enlisted the help of many independent adjusters who have made the trip from as far away as Arizona to help them make inspections, write repair estimates, and make field calls before turning their files in and heading back home.  The issue with this is that most of these independent adjusters are assigned so many claims that there are simply not enough hours in the day for these adjusters to conduct a thorough inspection of the damage and then spend adequate time behind the computer to write a detailed repair estimate.   Read More

Another Hurdle When Filing an Insurance Claim - The Civil Remedy Notice

I want to thank Florida Public Adjuster Michael Platts for penning this excellent commentary. 

By Michael W. Platts

I have recently been involved in three cases which bring up a very interesting yet disturbing trend. All three are relatively small insurance claims. In each case, the insurance carriers have chosen to deny these claims without (from my perspective) performing a fair, impartial, proper and thorough investigation.

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Check the Details Before You Accept a Panhandle Claim Settlement Offer

Hopefully, property owners the in Pensacola, Destin, Gulf Breeze and the Ft. Walton Beach areas who were impacted by the flood and water damage are starting to receive settlement offers from their insurance company about their claims.  Sometimes our firm will be retained by a homeowner only to receive a call several weeks later to say the insurance company adjuster had called them with a verbal settlement offer they might be able to live with. Even though it’s outside of our contract cancellation date and work may have begun on the loss, we typically wished them well and thanked them for their consideration in selecting our firm to assist them. That got me thinking about all the property insurance claim offers we’ve gotten over the many years assisting clients.  Read More

What do you do when an insurance company exercises their right to repair?

This question was asked of us the other day and since it is rarely encountered in the everyday world of property insurance adjusting, I wanted to share it given our experience with “the option to repair tactic” that we’ve seen used by the insurance carriers. First, a little background on this controversial clause found in most property insurance policies.Read More

Where’s the due diligence from financial institutions when it comes to property losses on residential and rental investments?

Throughout my career, I have always been amazed about the fact that financial institutions like mortgage companies, banks and credit unions, all who have a stakeholder’s interest in a property, (either through a mortgage or some type of financial interest or obligation) never seem to question a claim payment made by an insurance company following a loss. I realize they are in a unique position, either as an additional insured, lien holder, mortgage holder, bankruptcy receiver, etc., and their client, the insured, is supposed to be on the frontline looking out for their own financial wellbeing.  But it’s their security interest or in some cases a fiduciary responsibility that is at stake. So you would think they would have more than just a passive interest to confirm that a settlement on a property loss is correct and payment is in accordance with the policy and the facts of the loss. Read More