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Panhandle Flooding and the “S” word…Sewage Back-up Insurance Claims. Are you covered?

Sewage backup is damage public adjusters deal with more than I would like to admit. A recent published appellant court case in Florida http://www.3dca.flcourts.org/Opinions/3D11-3277.pdf addresses the confusion surrounding insurance coverage for water and sewer losses in today’s all risk homeowners insurance policies. If you take the time to read this case, you will note this issue has been litigated not only in Florida but other states as well.  It seems the insurance industry either does not understand the issues or haven’t been following the case law as we continue to see water and sewer claims denied on a regular basis.  Without going into a lot of detail regarding the legal cases, depending on the wording of the policy in question, if the backup is on the insured side of the property line or actually in a plumbing pipe on the premises, coverage for these losses should be covered under an all risk policy. Why all the litigation and confusion in the first place?  It would seem pretty basic that these losses would be covered as they clearly meet the insurance test of a sudden, accidental and an unintended event.

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