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Big Money Losses and the 50% Rule. Law & Ordinance Explained

Big Money Losses and the 50% Rule.  Law & Ordinance Explained

Almost two months into the 2017 hurricane season, most of the pundits have upgraded the likely number of tropical storms we can expect in the Atlantic basin this year. Of course, these experts can never tell us when and where the storms will impact a particular geographic area, but what we all can do is prepare as best we can based on the location of the property at risk. Just as the mantra for successful real estate investment is location, location, location the same applies in a disaster recovery plan. Know your location, the risk you are exposed to and understand the exposure you are facing.

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Property Insurance Claim Question: Law & Ordinance Coverage

Q.  What would be a reasonable estimate one could make for in adding this Ordinance or Law coverage?  I read your paper Law & Ordinance Coverage, Is it Illusionary? (very informative/readable and liked his coined term "Nature's Casino") this is what an insurance company attached to their policy application. I was laid off from work and am working with extremely limited funds.  If you could direct me to a resource or person who could answer my question it would be sincerely appreciated. Read More

Policyholder Question: Roof Replacement From Wind Damage Claim

Here is an insurance claim question that we recently were asked to weigh in on as a contributing member of insurance claim experts for United Policyholders who advocates for property owners. 

Q. We received a question from a North Carolina consumer regarding a roof replacement due to windstorm damage. The carrier is claiming that only a "spot-repair" is required under the policy but the homeowner has requested a full replacement. This position is supported by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, yet I find scant case law to support it. Further, when I browse through the North Carolina Insurance Code, I find a reference to "like, kind, and quality" v. "functional" repairs but I'm not clear on what this means in practice. If you have had any recent experience with this type of scenario, I would be interested in your insight.

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