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Policyholder Question on Adjuster Causing Damage to Roof

Q. An insurance adjuster came and inspected our house for roof damage following a hail storm. He indicated that only part of the roof needed repair. In the process of getting off the roof, he slipped and caused some damage to the roof and to the gutters which he added to the coverage. I have heard but can't find documentation that in Alabama, if the adjuster creates damage the insurance company is liable for the full roof and not just the damaged portion. I would like to confirm this as fact or fiction?

A. I am not aware of any rule or law that requires the insurance company to pay for a complete roof under the facts you have provided.  But it is possible in some states (Florida being one) that if the roof is damaged to at least 25% or more of the total roof, the building officials may require you to bring the complete roof up to code. In order to collect under this rule, you would need to have additional law and ordnance coverage which is normally excluded unless you purchase this additional coverage.

However, in your case, if the building officials say enough damage has been done to trigger the code requirement the adjuster may be required to pay this assuming he was negligent even if you did not have first party law and ordnance coverage. Check with the building department, but be careful what you ask for.

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